Sunday, February 1, 2009

“A Piece of an Apologize Pie”

Wake up!!! Grab a brush and put a little make up!!! Hide scars to fade away the shake up! Why’d you leave the keys up on the table? Uh…Shut up…!! The “chop suey” song by System of Down was shouting through my eardrums. I turned off my deafening alarms. It was an early morning but not so early that the hard-core music woke me up where the sun had just appeared over the east and when the hummingbird broke the stillness. I should change the alarm tone after this. It was 8.00a.m where I had to open up my eyes and move from my bed and take my shower. Huaarrgh…If only I could sleep for hours until afternoon, it might be a wonderful day in my busier week of life. I walked slowly to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and so on…It was so cold and fresh!
There are some works to do. I have to fill up my registration course for this semester and then go to the library to search for reference books for my assignment. But I was running out of time. My friend and I decided not to go to the library. It was around 12p.m when I looked at my faded digital pink color baby-G watch. I whispered to myself, “Maybe someday I have to buy a new one.” So we went back to the hostels and took our lunch there. After that, I walked up to the top floor of my block to reach my room. I took a deep breath for a moment. I was getting tired. Then, I tidied up my room; washed my clothes with the washing machine where I have to insert the coin in order to use it and finally lay down on my bed. It was so great! But it was just for a few minutes. I need to prepare myself to attend the afternoon class. Suddenly I felt like my whole body was being so heavy to wake up and move from my bed. I didn’t eat too much just now…What was happening to me? Hmmm…Actually I was so lazy to attend the class and so sleepy…But I have no choice. One of the ISO rule has stated that the percentage of attendances must be 80% and above in order for me to take the final exam. What kind of rule is that? I blame them without thinking rationally.
My friend and I reached the class early and there was no one in the class. I put my bag on the chair and decided to fulfill my responsibility as a Muslim first. “Dear, please take care of my bag.” “I have to go for my prayer.” “Just a minute, okay?” I asked my friend. “Alright..!” A few minutes later, when I was standing in the doorway there was a boisterous sound inside the class. I opened the door and walked back to my place. I was surprise when there was a small polystyrene box inside a colorless plastic bag on my chair. I didn’t say anything. I pick up and put at my friend’s place. Just next to me. I didn’t realize that the box was belonging to me. Well, eventually I did realize so. Nevertheless, I pretend like I don’t know who the owner of the ‘thing’ is. Then I asked my friend. “Whose box is this?” My friend said, “It is yours.” “It is mine?” “Who gave it to me?” Once again I pretended like I really don’t know. “Don’t ask.” “The important is the ‘thing’ is yours!” My friend was annoying with me. “Okay…” At the same time, I can see a couple of eyes were looking at me. Actually I knew he was the person who has given that ‘thing’ to me. Suddenly, I can feel the vibration from my bag on my lap. On my phone screen, something was written, “1 new message received”. I could have guessed who was sent the message. Definitely it was him! I became excited to read the message when his name appeared. The sound of the message was, “Hey buddy, that ‘thing’ is for you as a token of apology from me.” “Taste it, it is so yummy!” Then I replied, “There is no need to send me a gift to apologize because I have forgiven you.” “By the way, thanks ya!”
It was so sweet! Cute! I think he is good in understanding a girl’s feeling. I had never been treated like that before when someone has done something wrong or hurt me. But today I want to share with all of you that I have been treated for such a sweet moment in my history of life from someone called a friend. A friend that is so nice and kind to me. I feel comfortable since a relationship called friendship was built between the two of us. But I don’t know what he thinks of me. Perhaps it is just my own feeling but I don’t really care what he could think about me because I am a person who appreciates the presence of friendship given in my only life. I opened up the box and the gift was a piece of pie. I like it so much. The feeling was indescribable that I would remember this sweet memory for my lifetime. I named the gift and it was ‘a piece of an apologize pie.’
“Suppose one morning you never wake up, do all your friends know you love them? Friendship that needs rekindling 3 words needing to be said. Sometimes, ‘I LOVE YOU’ can heal and bless, let everyone of your friends know you love them. Even if you think they don’t love you back, you would be amazed at what those 3 little words and smile can do.” “Just in case tomorrow is late…”
- Unknown author-
I love all my dearest friends…

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