Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Most Favorite Pics of My Niece.. ;)

Actually, I miss my niece so much since she left us to stayed in Bangkok with her mami  and met her baba there. She almost 1 year old..She just 'has' her 'leg' to walk around.. My niece is pretty and cute..
Watch out her pics that makes me miss her so much...!
Geram....Kenakalan terserlah..

With her mami..

Dah ada gigi..hihihi...

Elmo loves you.. with Mak Su/ Mama Ding

Pretty smile with uncle Unggey
Haaahh.. Nganga lagi.. AAaaaaa

Malu2 with Opah
Ni muke xdpt 'enek' sebab mami die ngah potong rambut..huhu

Alamak.. Macam mane bleh tersepit ni.. ish2...


Mazrin Mhd. said...

comelnya niece kamu. anak sapa ni contek?

ashutz said...

Dah jawab kt Fb kan?hehe..sorry lambat reply.. btw, thanks follow.. ;)