Friday, February 4, 2011

Proud of them!

Proud of them!

I just see the profile pic of my cousin and makes me wanna post this entry.
Seriously, I'm so proud with both of them...
I've been shared before about them in my past entry..

They get married in a young age! They just 19 years old..! So brave man..! Dare to make decision to get married in a young ages while study!  Dare to face the risk! Dare to talk with the parents and family! 
Even the wedding ceremony quite simple but for me, it is complete and perfect. Again..I really solute the decision both of you have made! But my question is.. How do both of you made your parents confident and agree with the decision? I tried before but it doesn't work. :(

Sometimes I'm jealous because I have no chance to realize my dream just like both of you =_=
But I'm happy to see life both of you as a young husband and wife. So cool..
Hopefully both of you will live happily ever after and I pray may Allah bless both of you :)

Lovely couple.. My favourite pic of them ;)

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