Monday, January 10, 2011

Dear my beloved blog

When i felt alone, I only got u as a friend to express my feelings.. To share everything what was happen in my life and so on.. You know what, there's something that I don't understand about myself. I think I'm happy for the whole of my life but I'm not. I only get the truth happiness with my family. Friends? I do have one who is really care and always be by my side.. But nowadays I make he's not around because I tried to be independent. How about other friends? For me they are temporary because they came and go...It was so painful to lost them. I may have a lots of a nice friends but I do not have a really closed friends like my teenage time.

Dear my beloved blog..
I am tired.. Tired to face with what will come along.. So many things to do. But I have no choice.. Face it and take action. I need inspiration and inner strength to survive. I can't talk too much here because wanna cry right now... Lend me your shoulder please..

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