Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting married

Getting married in a young age is one of my previous target. I don't know why but I'm ready if someday there is a man out there comes into my life and propose me. Now I'm getting matured day by day in my single life. Nice to see a lot of my friends get married.
        As usual, in the end of the year there are many wedding ceremony will be held. I love to be there and met my old friends. They are so different! (So do i..) I've been invited from my primary and secondary school's  friends. Some I will attend but some clash to my cousin wed. Sorry..
Many of them get married earlier because they worked after SPM. The rest, who is still single but not available has continued study and have to wait after the graduation. hahaha.. (Including me)
I am so excited to talk about marriage because it shows the intermediate stage of my life. Well, life is too short if you conscious about it.
         Back to the topic, i do interested in marriage. As you can see in the pics, they are my friends married in this year. They look pretty in the wedding costume! They look lovely in the posed! They look awesome after mak andam make over them! Hehe.. I want to be just like them.. !! But when? Tadaaa....!! Coming up next..haha..But when? After my practical. But when? After graduate. But when? After three of my brothers get their partner and married.. But when? I keep asking myself... The time will come, just wait and see.. Only He knows... :)
Pretty (Wani)

Beautiful! (Mariam)

Great (Micha & K-rol Cong)

Nice ( Auk aka Saiful Nizam)

Lovely (Along )
Happiness (Kamal)

Next on 25th of dec


fazally87 said...

ni part yg ke-3 ea..hehe..
kawin2.. :)

ashutz said...

lebih kurang la..kehangatannya kian terasa time ujung2 cite pasal kawin je la..haha

fazally87 said...

x ujung tau pun sLaLu cite gak..hehe :p

ashutz said...

biar la.... lalala....